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The Dennis P. McCoy Employee Crisis Fund was formed by a group of McCoy's employees to provide limited financial assistance to eligible employees of McCoy’s Building Supply in times of economic hardship due to certain emergency situations. The fund is managed by volunteer employees of McCoy’s Building Supply.


The organization also maintains a roster of local, state and national sources that can provide assistance with food, shelter, employment and other support which can be accessed using our SUPPORT RESOURCES page on this site, or by contacting the fund's Administrator, who will assist employees or their dependents with the application process when necessary.


The Dennis P. McCoy Employee Crisis Fund is supported primarily by McCoy’s employees’ charitable donations which are made using an automatic payroll deduction as well as private donations, proceeds from fund raising events and awards from philanthropic organizations.

We proudly serve the employees of McCoy's Building Supply, based in San Marcos, Texas. Our 2800+ team members and their families reside in communities across five states in the U.S.

Board of Directors:​ ​ ​

President - Juanita Covarrubias

Vice President - Gloria Gonzales

Secretary - Norma Torres

Board Member/Application Review Committee Oversight - Dwayne Eastwood

Treasurer -Patricia Medina

Assistant to the Treasurer - OPEN

Board Member/Fund Raising

Committee Oversight - Amber Scott

Standing Committees​:​ ​

Fund Raising Committee

Co-Chairs: Stacey Fraser and Aubrey Gomez














Peter Rodriguez
Nadia Gloria
John Grimsley

Danielle Row

Olivia Wallace
Taylor Galvan

Austin Brown

Richard Overby

Ashley Littlefield

Austin Brown



Internal Marketing Team:

Amanda Bueno

Anna Jayroe

MJ Toops


Application Review Committee

Chair: Marla Butts


Team Leads:

Brenda Garcia

Logan Gurka

Tim Rogers
Robert Wyatt

Matt Gordon (#71)

Deanna Kutscher


Glenn Gomez
David Lloyd (#8)
Ken Gervais (#55)
Vanesa Acosta(#87)
Brennan Gibbs (#006)

Joe Thane

Gisela Loyola (#450)
Lydia Rodriquez (#89)
Darryl Baker
Melody Harmon (#43)
Brent Cathey (#34)
Kenny Hynes (#96)
Sally Lopez (#84)
Teresa Thompson (#74)
Brian Mc Nulty (#53)
Sundae Tepera (#116)
Alex Flint (#70)
Mercedes Lyle (#60) 
Kelly Moore (#30)
Loraine Tavarez (#35)
Holly Kelley (#98) 
Louise Lavendeau (#83)
Melissa Doring (#359) 
Kathryn Raimond

Homer Flores

Jeannie Brougher(#75) 

Melina Castro (#42)

Laura Matundan

Walt Hutton

Diana Sanchez (#41)

Katelyn Bernier (#43)

Leslie Sanchez (#97)

Fund Administrator 


Beth Ramey

Advisors to the Board:

Rick Neal - Sponsor

Kent Williams - Compliance  

James Lewallen - Communications  ​



Want to help?

Employees can complete an on-line payroll deduction form or complete and print the form below for faxing or mailing.

Or, click the Donate link on the left for PayPal.

You may send your check to:

The Dennis P. McCoy Employee Crisis Fund, Inc.

1350 N Interstate 35

San Marcos, TX 78666


All donations are tax-deductible.

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