Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Crisis Fund

Q. Who is qualified to receive financial assistance?

A. Any McCoy’s Building Supply employee who has reached 6 months of employment or their survivors within six months of the employee's death.


Q. Both I and a family member work for McCoy’s –can we both apply for funds?

A. Yes –however, some limits apply if both employees are members of the same household.


Q. What types of situations qualify?

A. Examples include, but are not limited to these types of events that result in serious, temporary financial or shelter-related crisis:

  • The serious medical condition of an employee or an immediate family member who resides with the employee;
  • Fire, flood or other natural catastrophic event;
  • Death of the employee or an immediate family member

Q. How does the organization handle COVID related situations?

A. Effective 10/1/22 the DPMECF is handling COVID related applications/grants as follows:

  • All COVID related applications will be treated as standard medical situations and are subject to the same limits
    • COVID awards from 2020 and 2021 will not be considered against annual/5-year grant limits
  • Loss of Income awards will no longer result in cash payment directly to employees except in unusual situations.

Q. Who decides who receives money and how much?

A. A committee has been created to review applications and determine need. The committee does not see the applicant's personal information and does not know who the applicant is. The committee may award a grant up to the cap set by the board of directors.


Q. Do I have to repay the money?

A. No. Any funds issued by the Dennis P. McCoy Employee Crisis Fund are grants, and as such do not have to be repaid.


Q. Can I apply more than once?

A. Yes, you can apply once every 60 days and up to four (4) times per year. However, there are limitations to the amounts you can receive and chronic situations may not qualify for assistance.


Q. Who provides the money for the fund?

A. The Dennis P. McCoy Employee Crisis Fund relies  primarily on payroll contributions by employees of McCoy’s Building Supply.  We also receive support through fund raising efforts, donations from vendors and others in our community. Learn more


Q. How can I be sure my application information is kept private?

A. All members of the Employee Crisis Committee who handle any confidential information, or have the responsibility to follow-up with applicants, have signed a confidentiality agreement and are held to strict standards designed to protect applicant privacy. The Application Review Committee never sees applicant names, locations or other identifying information. 


Q. Who manages the fund and its business?

A. The Dennis P. McCoy Employee Crisis Fund, Inc. is managed by a board of directors and operated according to the bylaws of the corporation. All Board members and committee members volunteer their time and energy to accomplish the mission of the Fund.  The fund has a paid Administrator whose salary is paid by donors.


Q. Can I serve on the Crisis Fund?

A. Yes! We are always looking for Committee Members and often need help with projects and internal promotion. Contact any Board Member if you are interested in serving.


Q. What kind of organization is the Dennis P. McCoy Employee Crisis Fund?

A. The Dennis P. McCoy Employee Crisis Fund, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)3 charitable corporation. It was formed by a group of McCoy’s Building Supply employees and is managed by volunteer employees of McCoy’s Building Supply. No more than 1/2 of the organizations officers and committee members are management employees.


Q. Is there a limit to how much money an employee can get?

A. Yes – the board sets limits to the amount an employee or family can receive based on the funds financial status. These limits are reviewed quarterly and adjusted to allow the greatest possible aid for employees while ensuring grants do not exceed contributions. The current limits are (effective 07/21/21):

• Grant maximum – $2000 Employee or dependent medical only, or;

                                        $750.00 per individual / $1500.00 per household

• Annual Limitation – $2500.00 per individual / $3000.00 per household

• 5-year Limitation – $4000.00 per individual / $4500.00 per household


“Annual” as stated above is defined as 12 sequential months, or a rolling 12-month period


Survivor grant limitations are as follows:

Upon the death of a qualifying employee, a one-time grant, not to exceed $750.00, may be awarded to surviving dependent(s).

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